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In the previous article, we gave you an overview of OCI Cloud Shell.

At the end of 2020, a service called "AWS CloudShell" was released. It offers similar functionality to OCI Cloud Shell, but what is the difference between OCI Cloud Shell and AWS CloudShell? Let's compare the differences between the two. (It's easy to overlook, but AWS's "CloudShell" has no space.) )

First, the comparison of the exterior is as follows.

OCI Cloud Shell image.png

AWS CloudShell image.png

AWS CloudShell is available only in some, but not all, Regions. If you switch to an unavailable region before launching CloudShell, for example, if you change from Tokyo to Osaka, the CloudShell icon in the top menu bar will be hidden. After launching CloudShell from an available region, the unavailable regions are grayed out in the menu.

Overall comparison

OCI Cloud Shell AWS CloudShell
release February 2020 December 2020
Storage (under Home) 5GB 1GB
Switching display languages Yes No (Englishonly)
Display User Name IAM Username,Federated user name(dots are replaced with underscores) "cloudshell-user"(pinned view)
File Transfer(Download/Upload) Yes Yes
"Drag & Drop"Upload a file Yes No(Conducted from the menu)
Multiple files at onceupload Yes No(one piece at a time)
Maximum transfer file size 4GB 1GB
Running a Docker container Yes No
Serial ConsoleConnecting to Yes(New feature, September 2021) No
sudo command No Yes
New Tab, Row/Column Split No Yes
Maximum session length 24 time 12 hours
Inactive session timeout 20 minutes 20–30 minutes
Available Regions All Regions Some regions only(See alsoGo here).
Supported Browsers Google Chrome 84 or laterSafari 13.1 or laterFirefox 68.10 or later (Private)mode is not supported)IE11 is not supported Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox,Microsoft Edge,Apple Safari.The latest three versions of each of the above browsers

OCI provides far more permanent storage (under the home) than AWS. You can also use drag and drop to upload multiple files at once. This is a very useful feature.

Installed Software

There is a lot of software already installed in OCI Cloud Shell, and it is a developer-friendly environment.

OCI Cloud Shell AWS CloudShell
Shell bash bashPowerShell, Z Shell
git Yes Yes
python (2 and 3) Yes Yes
Node.js Yes Yes
Java Yes No
SQL Plus Yes No
MySQL Shell Yes No
kubectl Yes No
helm Yes No
maven Yes No
gradle Yes No
Terraform Yes No
ansible Yes No
Go Yes No
TypeScript Yes No
Ruby Yes No

The above information is current as of September 16, 2021.

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Official document OCI Cloud Shell Cloud Shell Cloud Shell FAQ - OCI Cloud Shell (Doc ID 2736099.1)

AWS CloudShell User Guide AWS CloudShell FAQs

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