Cost to Build and e-commerce Website


The derivation of the cost of an e-commerce website depends on various factors which are based on decision making before the final development. The factors to be considered and the decisions for every aspect of development can be referred below

Factors to be considered for deriving cost to build an e-commerce website

  1. Category of E-commerce Platform

There are various types of e-commerce platform that a business can target based on their requirement

· Single product category e-commerce website like Fashion, Cosmetics, Grocery, etc.

· Multi-vendor and product category e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, e-bay, etc.

· Size of the target market or service location areas like Citywide, Statewide, Countrywide or World wide

· Third-party delivery chain or own delivery chain like Amazon

· Depending on your target market you can also look at e-commerce App based on the target audience and budget.

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  1. Features in e-commerce website

Depending on your budget you can implement some of the advanced features in an e-commerce website apart from the basic features like Registration, Add to favorites, search and filter, Add to cart, Checkout, Payment options, etc.

· Complete delivery schedule once the order is placed

· Payment options with integrated latest technology like UPI

· EMI option for trusted customers based on their past purchases.

· Comparison option and recommendation for similar products

· Recommend best match product based on the current viewing product like recommend jeans on T-shirt, Shoes on jeans, Jewellery recommendation based on current dress, etc.

  1. Technology Stack for e-commerce Website

Depending on your above decision on features to be implemented and the category of e-commerce website you will need to choose the best suitable technology stack while also keeping in mind the development budget. The best technology stack an e-commerce website can posses can be referred below

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  1. City or Country Chosen to develop an e-commerce website

It is always advisable to choose developing countries like India which also has the best IT talent pool in the world. The developing cost in India is $15 - $50 per hour.

  1. Miscellaneous Activity for launching the website

· Brand and business registration

· Licensing based on launch platforms

· Logo Design

· Website theme selection

· Project Management

Based on the above factors the cost to develop an e-commerce website is $5,000 - $30,000.

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Updated on December 01, 2020