【Flutter】 Environment Construction ~ Tutorial (updated from time to time)


※ Notes for yourself and your team

Environment construction

Official website Install | Flutter

flutter doctor Do it until you get OK

Additional Plugins - Awesome Flutter Snippets

For the time being, I skimmed through the Japanese document manually

Packaging, etc.

◆State management

Let's go global with the riverpod

hooks Mainly useState (instead of statefulWidget), useEffect (side effects), etc.

flutter_hooks 0.15.0

◆ Directory structure

I used this as a reference for the time being, but it was arranged.

File and Folder structure in Flutter

Team development reference

Manual for team development on Github

I tried to write a development procedure for a personal application using the issue of GitHub


Create New Project

flutter create --org

Kazuhide Oki
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Kazuhide Oki

電気自動車の充電器を設置管理する会社でソフトウェアエンジニアをしています。 アプリはFlutter, WebはReactとNodejsでフロントメインだけど実質フルスタック。 モノ作り楽しい。自分の作ったプログラムが人の役に立つのは楽しい。

Updated on December 22, 2020