Media operators want to be restrained! KPIs for PV Up (Google Analytics) 2018


GoogleAnalytics is just a tool. It won't tell you the answer.

Today, I'm talking about GoogleAnalytics and page views, which have little to do with programs.

What kind of service do you think Google Analytics (GA) is?


[GA is a great service, so if you look at GA, you can immediately see where the problem is, right?] As long as you know how to use it, you can analyze the site immediately, right?

If you think so, it is a big mistake.

Sure, GA, it's a sage service, and it can measure most of the numbers needed to do a site health checkup. But GA is not a tool for site analysis.

GA is a tool to quantify sites. It is a service that simply accumulates data every day.

・ Calculate bounce rate for each landing page ・ Spend time on each page ・ Follow page transitions ・ Measure the CTR and number of clicks of each link And so on...

These are simply measured data.

How to analyze this accumulated data is the highlight of the skill of the person in charge of site management. Therefore, what I would like you to pay attention to is which numbers will tell you the problem. This time, I would like to talk about "which number should I look at to increase the page view of the site?"

What is the definition of PV (page view) in the first place?

As long as you are running a site, you must always be aware of PV (page views).

As the name suggests, the number of pages viewed (viewed) is the number of page views (PV counts). At first glance, it is a simple page view, but...

So, what kind of measures can be considered to increase PV? Please give us five numbers (points) that need to be improved.

How about this? I don't think many people can immediately come up with this answer.

It's just a simple "increase page views". In order to think about this measure, it is first necessary to break down the page views.

Number of page views = number of visits ✕ migration rate

"Number of page views" in GA can be reduced to simple multiplication.

Pageviews = Sessions ✕ (Pages/Sessions)

What you mean

Page views = number of visits ✕ migration rate

can be calculated by:

Putting it down to this formula, you can see that there are two ways to increase the number of views.

・Increase the number of visits ・Increase the migration rate

Increasing either of these will inevitably lead to more page views.

Just here, you can think of various measures, but this time we will dig a little deeper. If you break down the number of visits and the migration rate, you can think of various measures.

What is the migration rate?

Migration rate may be a word you're not familiar with unless you're in charge of operations. Migration rate is a measure of how many pages were viewed per visit.

What you mean

Migration rate = total page views / total visits (sessions)

In order to increase the migration rate, it is enough to see as many pages as possible per visit.

So, what should be done to increase the number of people who can see more on one page (increase the migration rate)? An important numerical value here is the "bounce rate".

In order to increase the migration rate, improving the bounce rate is a shortcut!

"Bounce rate" is "the percentage of users who went home immediately (after looking at only one page)". If there are many users who have come to the site for a long time, but have gone to a different site immediately after seeing one page, the bounce rate will increase steadily.

For example, if 100 users come, 90 of them bounce back, and the remaining 10 people play 10 pages,

190PV, 100 visits, 1.9 migrations, 90% bounce rate

will be. Even if non-bounce users look at 10 pages, if they are leveled out as a whole, the migration will be 1.9.

So, if you improve the bounce rate of this site and 100 users come in, 45 of them bounce and the remaining 55 people go around 10 pages.

595PV, 100 visits, 5.95 migratory trips, bounce rate 45%

Simply improving the bounce rate from 90% to 45% would increase migration by 4 and increase PV by nearly 400. Even if you don't forcibly increase the migration of users other than bounces, you can dramatically improve the migration rate just by reducing the bounce.

How to improve migration rates Increase the number of pages seen per → visit.

 How do I increase the number of pages per visit?  It would be nice to reduce the number of users who only view → one page (improve bounce rate).

That's it.

In other words, the shortcut to improving the migration rate is to improve the bounce rate.

To increase the number of visits, the frequency of visits is key

The number of visits displayed as "session" on GA. This number of visits will also be incorporated into the calculation formula.

Number of visits (sessions) = Users (unique users) ✕ Frequency of visits

When you break down the number of visits

・User (unique user) ・Frequency of visits

Two numbers come out.

Unique users, as the name implies, are the number of unique (unaffected) users. As the name suggests, the frequency of visits is also the frequency (number of times) that people visit the site.

For example, if one person looks at the site every day for a month (30 days),

・1 unique user ・Monthly visit frequency of 30 times - 30 Visits

If this is because two people looked at the site once every two days for a month (30 days),

・2 unique users ・Monthly visit frequency 15 times - 30 Visits

will be.

In other words, to increase the number of visits

・Increase the number of unique users ・Increase the frequency of visits

There are two ways to do this.

In the case of Japanese sites, the upper limit of unique users is almost fixed, and theoretically the upper limit is 120 million unique users (the population of Japan).

On the other hand, there is no upper limit to the frequency of visits. If you start coming every day, every hour, every 10 minutes, the page views will go up more and more.

Whether you want to increase the number of unique users with a cap or increase the frequency of visits without a cap, the size of your site will naturally determine which measures are more effective.

If your site has already acquired a large number of get users, it may be easier to increase the frequency of visits than to increase the number of unique users.

Conversely, in the case of a site that has not yet been able to obtain a target user, it may be easier to achieve short-term effects by taking measures to acquire more unique users.

Again, please give us five ideas for increasing page views.

So, I think that we have come to see measures (KPIs) that should be taken in response to the vague issue of increasing page views.

What measures should be pursued in order to increase page views

Increase the number of visits. Increase → unique users. Increase the frequency of → visits. ・ Improve the migration rate. → improve bounce rate to improve migration rate.

Therefore, in order to increase the number of page views, the KPI to be chased is

・Number of visits ・Number of unique users ・Frequency of visits ・Migration rate ・Bounce rate

If you suppress the 5 of these, it will be okay.

The sentence turned out to be longer than I thought. So, here we go...

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Updated on December 13, 2017