Reading a little at a timeDomain-Driven Design Preface 2 by MartinFowler


Models and Implementations

Concepts must not be separated from the implementation (From the preface)

In the past, when it came to object-oriented explanations, it was often explained that there was a car class, and the car class had a tire class and a steering wheel class.

I often hear people say that the way they explain things is wrong, but I don't think I'm wrong.

The dream of smoothly connecting the software world by modeling the real world, which the object-oriented methodologies of the past had been frustrated by, is more accurately expressed in DDD by elevating the unit describing the domain from an object to the DSL dimension of a more natural "ubiquitous language". (From the Japanese version of the recommendation by Mr. Hanyuta)

It is only when ubiquitous languages seamlessly connect domain experts, technologists, and implementations that complexity can be controlled.

I sometimes wonder if it would have been easier to understand the old car classes if you explained the implementation of applications such as car catalogs.

Think about concepts without separating them from the implementation and create a "useful" model.

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Updated on August 12, 2017