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This article is about Rinrin who has a lack of memory in the brain. I wrote it for when I forgot the Rust specification while learning. Therefore, the information may be outdated or incorrect. In such a case, if you say it, maybe fix it ( 'ω') Do your own research on Rust environment construction, project creation, etc.

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Hello, World!

Hello, World! Do as follows

fn main() {
    println!("Hello, World!");

If you throw a character you want to output to the println! macro, it will output it By the way, this guy is not a function, it's a macro. Executing above prints Hello, World! Also, line breaks are performed even if multiple executions are executed.

fn main() {
    println!("Hello, ");

When I run this thing, the following is output


print! macros

If you use this thing, you will not get line breaks

fn main() {
    print!("Hello, ");

When executed, it prints Hello, World!


  • For output of strings, etc., use println! macro or print! macro.
  • The println! macro breaks every time you use it.
  • print! macros work without line breaks
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Updated on January 27, 2022