[Scala] 01. Getting Start


Organize what you have studied for Scala.

A project using Scala is scheduled to start, and I will try to study Scala easily.

Contents that are not specifically talked about are created based on the contents of the Scala official website.

Online Learning


Coursera offers a variety of programming courses, and you can learn programming for free.

(The problem is that most of the lectures are in English, but...)

  1. Functional Programming Principles in Scala

  2. Functional Programming in Scala Specialization


Kojo is an environment where you can learn programming, mathematics, art, music, animation, games, etc. in an interactive environment.

First time Scala

Hello, world!program

object HelloWorld {
    def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
        println("Hello, world!")

If you extends an App object and create an Object, you don't need to create a main function.

object HelloWorld extends App {
    println("Hello, world!")
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Updated on April 26, 2017