Until you actually write out the Template of StreamDeck's own Plugin development



I hope it will be a first step article for those who want to develop their own StreamDeck plugin.image.png


  • clone a Template from Github
  • Replace a string in a directory, file
  • Generate Distribution File

External links

clone a Template from Github

git clone [email protected]:elgatosf/streamdeck-plugintemplate.git

Replace a string in a directory, file

Replace com.elgato.template with your.identifier.plugin.

Example: com.iwaken.practice


Generate Distribution File

When distributing, instead of sharing the Source, export and share the streamDeckPlugin file. This can be generated by the DeveloperTool.

https://developer.elgato.com/documentation/stream-deck/sdk/exporting-your-plugin/ Download from Download according to OS

Put it directly under the working directory so that it is easy to understand this timeimage.png

On Mac

./DistributionTool -b -i /Sources/your.identifier.plugin.sdPlugin -o Release/

On Windows

.\\DistributionTool.exe -b -i .\\Sources\\your.identifier.plugin.sdPlugin\\ -o .\\Release\\ 

Generated by: Double-click the generated file to install it on StreamDeck.


If you want to reinstall

If it is already installed on StreamDeck, it will not be installed, so if you want to install it again, uninstall it from StreamDeck before doing so.

Change the icon

Open manifest.json Change the value of the Icon and Image.

  "Actions": [
      "Icon": "action/images/iwakenimage",
      "Name": "Example Action",
      "States": [
          "Image": "action/images/iwaken"
      "Tooltip": "This is an example tooltip",
      "UUID": "com.iwaken.practice.action"
  "SDKVersion": 2,
  "Author": "Elgato",
  "CodePath": "index.html",
  "PropertyInspectorPath": "propertyinspector/index.html",
  "Description": "Example description",
  "Name": "Stream Deck Template",
  "Icon": "action/images/iwaken",
  "URL": "https://www.elgato.com/en/gaming/stream-deck",
  "Version": "1.0.1",
  "OS": [
      "Platform": "mac",
      "MinimumVersion": "10.11"
      "Platform": "windows",
      "MinimumVersion": "10"
  "Software": {
    "MinimumVersion": "4.1"

Like this

[email protected]
[email protected]



These are used for the icon of the button and the icon of the menu column on the right.

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Updated on September 12, 2021