Using HWD12 on MacOS Catalina


At first

I used the USB STICK LTE HWD12 by HUAWEI released by au on a Mac, but when I upgraded the OS from Mojabe to Catalina, this device became unusable.

The 32-bit application stops working from MacOS Catalina and the application for this device is 32-bit and cannot be started.スクリーンショット 2020-04-11 16.21.36.png

I own multiple MacBooks, but I was having trouble upgrading the OS from Mojabe because this device can not be used. (As of 2020/4, no correspondence on the au side was found) This time, by investigating various things, this product seems to be a customized model of Huawei E3276, so by obtaining the driver from the original Hauwei, HWD12 can be used safely in Catalina. It's my own way, but I'll upload the method.

Download 64bit applications

I searched for it on the following site of Huawei.

Download the application from this link. Hilink products tool, support MAC 10.15

A file called is downloaded to the Downloads folder.


First remove the old 32-bit USB STICK LTE setting tool from the Applications folder. (uninstall also didn't work, so I put it in the trash from the applications folder)

Move the downloaded file to the Applications folder and then double-click to run it to install it.

Modifying configuration files

Rewrite the configuration file after installation. /Library/StartupItems/MobileBrServ/ArConfig.dat The contents of this file should be the contents that were originally written in the 32-bit version.

service_name=USB STICK LTE setting tool
service_desc=USB STICK LTE setting tool





After this, restart your Mac. After booting up, I pointed the HWD12 at my Mac and after a while it became a purple indicator of communication establishment.

The browser starts up and says that this driver is not up to date, but you can safely ignore it and close it.スクリーンショット 2020-04-11 17.05.41.png

It is my own risk, but now I can use HWD12 that was unusable after upgrading to Catalina again.


Since this device can not be used, other MacBooks that had been holding up the version upgrade of macOS can now be upgraded from Mojabe to Catalina. After all, the latest version of the OS feels good.

Saito Yasushi
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Saito Yasushi


Updated on April 13, 2020