What I would like engineers to keep in mind when writing technical articles



This time, I will not talk about technical topics, but I will write about what I would like to ask everyone when writing technical articles on Qiita etc.


What I would like to ask of you when writing technical articles. That is Posting references and As much as possible, we should include official documentation.


The reason I want you to include references is to encourage people who read the article to become self-propelled.

If you include official documents, you can foster awareness of referencing official documents and even teach them how to read them.

Knowing information from original sources and primary sources is very important for acquiring correct knowledge.

Correct knowledge becomes versatile wisdom that can be utilized when solving problems.

I myself read various people's technical articles and use them to solve my own problems, but if I don't have any sites that they have referenced, I feel sorry for them, "What did this person read to come to this solution?"

Also, when you get stuck with the same problem, you can only rely on that person's article, and over time, the information in the article will become outdated and unusable.

If there is a link to the official documentation you referenced, it is likely that the information in the official documentation has been updated, so it will be easier to solve the problem.

As for the miso in the foreground, when I write an article on Qiita, I always put a link to the site I referred to at the end. For example, in the following article, as shown in the photo below, as a reference material, a list of sites that were used as references when writing the article is listed.

スクリーンショット 2022-03-05 22.22.22.png

If the number of people who post reference materials in technical articles like this increases, my own learning will also improve, so I would be happy if you would keep it in mind.

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Updated on March 06, 2022